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  • Amber Roberts

    Amber Roberts

    Machine Learning S. Engineer @ Arize AI. Previously: PM at Splunk, Head of AI at Insight Data Science. Carnegie Fellow (2016–2017); MS Astrophysics.

  • Arize AI

    Arize AI

    Arize AI is an ML Observability Platform. We monitor, explain, troubleshoot, and improve machine learning models.

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen

    A designer who loves writing. Site: https://hoang.moe/

  • Du Phan

    Du Phan

    Reading research papers @Dataiku

  • Demetrios Brinkmann

    Demetrios Brinkmann

    Father, Artist, Happy. Creator of MLOps community and Lover of AI Ethics

  • Jeremy Stanley

    Jeremy Stanley

    Founder and CTO at Anomalo; previously VP Data Science at Instacart.

  • Barr Moses

    Barr Moses

    Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo (www.montecarlodata.com). @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

  • Ori Cohen

    Ori Cohen

    I hold a Ph.D. in CS. A Sr. Director of Data & Data Science at Justt.ai. https://bit.ly/33Xcdwy

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